NameDescriptionResin TypeThermal Class
A300General purpose VOC compliant water based varnishPolyesterH (180)
A850VOC compliant water based varnish with high bond strength even when used at low solids levelsPhenloic modified polyesterH (180)
PU570Crystal-clear (water white) PU for potting of LEDsPolyurethaneN/A
PU670H6Crystal-clear (water white) PU for potting of LEDs, high glass transition temperaturePolyurethaneN/A
U2001WWWet winding resin with high bond strength and exceptional heat transferEpoxyH (180)
U2002Single component, General purpose VPI resin giving all the benefits of Epoxy resinEpoxyH (180)
U2002AQ0 VOC Epoxy Emulsion with excellent bond strengths at elevated temperatures and good resistance to chemicals including those used in Hermetic applicationsEpoxy EmulsionH (180)
U2002HVGlobal impregnation of HV systems where uncatalysed Mica tapes are used up to 15KVEpoxyH (180)
U2002L0 V.O.C Epoxy impregnation applied by dip / roll / VPI to all general purpose motors and transformers. UL systems are available for all the 2002 rangeEpoxyH (180)
U2002THigher build Epoxy VPI resin, where traditional film builds of Epoxy are not acceptableEpoxyH (180)
U2003FLLow viscosity epoxy impregnation resin with lower temperature cureEpoxyH (180)
U2004BLow viscosity, thermal shock resistance, class FEpoxyF (155)
U2004LNSingle component flexible epoxy for void free impregnation of cut corse and transformersEpoxyH (180)
U2006Resiliant single component VPI epoxy resin with excellent stability & electrical properties and high bond strengthEpoxyH (180)
U2006RDA solventless, fast gel, single component, slightly thixotropic resin, giving 100% filled windings, with exceptional high bond strength at operating temperatures up to class H (180°c).EpoxyH (180)
U200FRHigh quality, flexible enveloping varnish for exceptional moisture and chemical resistanceModified polyesterH (180)
U2020Ambient cure two part epoxy with high bond strengthEpoxyH (180)
U2050Rapid cure single component white epoxy with exceptional thermal capabilitiesEpoxyH (180)
U2050GCRapid cure single component white epoxy for the reinforcement of rotating windings such as the single wires on commutatorsEpoxyH (180)
U2050LA clear Low viscosity, single component Trickle resin suitable for automated trickle application, low / non odour, high bond strength good penetration epoxy resin.EpoxyH (180)
U2050RRRapid cure single component white epoxy with exceptional thermal capabilities supplied in a flexible hand-held bottle with trickle spoutEpoxyH (180)
U2220High performance VPI epoxy resin with superior high temperature propertiesEpoxyC (220)
U250Epoxy phenolic varnish with excellent freon and refrigerant gas resistanceEpoxy phenolicH (180)
U370General purpose, high quality varnish for various applications, resilient and quick curingModified polyesterH (180)
U372#High build, air-drying varnish. Pigmented versions availableAlkydH (180)
U376Low viscosity , fast drying sealing varnish for tropicalisation of small motors and transformersAlkydF (155)
U380High build general purpose varnish. UL recognisedPhenloic modified polyesterH (180)
U510Flexible, high build up polyester resin for application by VPI in transformers. Very good noise reduction propertiesPolyesterH (180)
U520Low odour, high flash point single component resin for VPI, roll and immersion applications UL systems are available.Unsaturated polyesterH (180)
U540MBPigmented impregnation coating for transformers, available in most RAL coloursUnsaturated polyesterH (180)
UF010Resilient, medium to low viscosity general purpose pottingPolyurethaneB (130)
UF010X-#Cost effective volume fillPolyurethaneB (130)
UF041Flame retardant, rigid, general purpose potting, UL RTI 115CPolyurethaneB (130)
UF050N#Flame retardant, semi-rigid general purpose pottingPolyurethaneB (130)
UF060Flexible for stress sensitive components and re-enter abilityPolyurethaneB (130)
UF060FRFlame retardant resilient, good heat dissipationPolyurethaneB (130)
UF060XTHigh thermal conductivityPolyurethaneB (130)
UF2004TCBGood themal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, Class HEpoxyH (180)
UF2114TC#High thermal conductivity. Resilient & class H with good surface finish. Available in all RAL coloursEpoxyH (180)
UF810General purpose pottingEpoxyF (155)
UF810NLFlame retardant potting of electronic transformersEpoxyF (155)
UF810STBHigh thermal conductivity, flame retardent, Class HEpoxyH (180)
UF815Low viscosity, flexible Epoxy resin system. Can be reenterable for repairEpoxyF (155)
UF820Thixotropic trowelling compoundEpoxyB (130)

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